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   Guangzhou Cheng Yang Environmental Board Industry Enterprise(GuangZhou Cheng Yang Building Materials co., LTD) is a professional manufacturer specializes in R&D (research and development) and sales. Our company covers an area of 30000 square meters, now we have eight production lines for the high quality PVC foamex board which meet the international advanced level. Specialising in PVC crust foam board, PVC free foam board,coloured PVC foam board, PVC advertising board, PVC co-extrusion foam and etc, is one of the biggest PVC foam board manufacturer in China.PVC foam board can be hot forming, nail, drill, rivet, dig,stick and etc. Be widely used in furniture,decoration, construction,automobile,ship, advertising and other fields, especially in cabinet, toilet partition walls, etc. Our PVC foam boards/sheets are water resistant,moisture resistant,strong and durable,non-toxic,green, high praised by domestic and foreign customers. .....Click Full text  
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